Earth Series

Inspired by the rare experiences of flying through the skies over vast diverse regions. Water, one of natures awe inspiring elements is all around us as is evident when we have a birds eye view. The confluence of great water bodies corroding and eroding the earths surface offers a chance to experience amazing visual treats. The earth series attempts to capture the raw beauty of the slow, violent nature of the assault of water bodies on the earths surface played out over decades one small drop at a time. This versatile element can be both a gentle stream and a thunderous waterfall, with both of its versions capable of having long lasting effects

Lingering memories

Created in loving memory of a friend, the ‘Lingering memories’ series alludes to the experience of lasting memories created by moments where we are touched by the gestures of a fellow human being. A shared experience where we passed by an Orchard and both were intensely affected by the fragrance of our favourite flower. Long after that experience, we would often reminiscence over the experience each time we caught a glimpse or a whiff of those flowers. Sadly, my friend passed on and I was left with the fragrance that will last me a lifetime

Whispers and Echoes

Building citadels of comfort within our own patterns of behaviour is easy. It’s when we make the effort to reach out and understand each other despite our differences, that we can create tolerant and comfortable societies that help us grow. Embracing our differences is all about merging our patterns of behaviour with those around us in ways that are unobtrusive and inclusive in their own small ways

Conversations 1

Conversations 2

Whispers and Echoes

Honeycomb weave watercolour simulation

Prattle / Food Simulation

Earth 5

Earth 6

Earth 7

Lotus pond 1

Lotus pond 2

Lotus pond 3