Multi-cultural hub

Since the 15th century, Europe has always been a hub for Artists across the world, but recently the Asian region, specially countries like Singapore have seen a rise in the number of Universities, Museums and Exhibitions dedicated to Art. Being multi-cultural, it has been influenced by the Malay, Chinese and Indians over the last few decades, and is well known for it’s Art and Culture, appreciation of Artists and their works which can be seen across the city. Facilities like the National Gallery and the Esplanade, alongwith Universities like the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Lasalle college are pioneers in innovation and creating highly skilled Artists.

Museums and festivals

Aspiring to become a global cultural centre, with more than 30 museums, largest being the National Museum of Singapore, exploring the history or it’s treasured collection of Art, is one of the primary attraction for any student or tourist visiting Singapore as well as curated Art trails of high quality artworks for commissioned public art created by local artists in collaboration with various companies. From ancient to contemporary art, a visit to NUS museum is highly recommended. Cultural festivals like Kalaa Utsavam, Huayi are timed to coincide with Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights and the Chinese New Year.

Indian Influence

Indians being the third largest ethnic group, have settled and added to the local culture, which is evident in places like Little India, where we can see street art influenced by Indian traditions and religion. Spicy food and glamorous clothes, unique and colorful can be found in stores and restaurants across the city. Various students have been visiting Singapore to either study or simply absorb the fusion of traditional and modern changes brought about by the newer generation of Singaporeans

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